Crochet Kindness by R

If people are smiling, then my goal has been met.

Who am I?

I am an anonymous crochet yarnbomber, located in Fleet Meadow, Didcot, Oxfordshire, England.

I am crochet hooking by day and night to make others smile.

What do I do?

• Installations

I create large crocheted pieces, which I permanently fix out in the community for passers-by to enjoy.

My yarnbomb installations have been funded by myself and donations, but I am now open to taking commissions (if this interests you, please see my ‘Hire me‘ page).

• Random acts of craft kindness

I also create small items that I hide outside for people to find, which are usually small stuffed animals or pin badges. These items have notes on them telling the finder to take them home.

• Crochet patterns, tutorials, and YouTube

I have a YouTube channel where I upload shorts revealing completed crochet projects, and longer videos featuring free crochet patterns and tutorials.

I have written crochet patterns on Ravelry, many of which are free.

Do you love what I’m doing?

If so, please consider donating a ball of yarn or sending me a tip. For more information, please visit my ‘Donations & Tips’ page by clicking here.

You can also help me without parting with any money, by subscribing to my YouTube channel and watching videos that aren’t shorts (those longer than 60 seconds). You can access my channel by clicking here.

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